Day 12

Most of this day was spent on preparations and support. Since we’re going to work with a new engine there’s much to be decided about the project layout and the workflow. I created a few scripts to improve workflow based on user feedback. I’m also going to do more research on how to improve the… Continue reading Day 12

Day 11

As I will be working on a big new project with a few new programmers, I spent time today on writing a document containing all kinds of information, tips, tricks and common pittfals about the engine and systems we will be working with. On thursday I will present this document to a group of people… Continue reading Day 11

Day 10 – End of week 2

As before, I focused on making various settings and variables easier to change to make Rene’s life easier. After that I started testing the game on mobile devices to see what needed improving. I improved the user interface quite a bit based on feedback from myself and Rene. I also did more profiling to remove… Continue reading Day 10 – End of week 2

Day 9

Today I did more work on the UI code, more profiling and optimization and tried to really get the game going. Before I start on the new major project I’ll be working on the coming weeks, I want to leave this game in a state where the code is neat, adheres to the diagram I… Continue reading Day 9

Day 8

Today I created a user interface with the GUI middlware I have chosen. I read all tutorials and documentation on the middlware’s website and after that I created a few buttons and a window with some text and a slider. After that I made the GUI resolution independent; a few important feature that needs to… Continue reading Day 8

Day 7

As planned I did some research into various GUI solutions. It was clear to me that building an in-house system would be too big of a project, so I examined various middleware solutions. I assessed the middleware products based on their feature list, professional support, price, demos and by looking at what people had to… Continue reading Day 7

Day 6

Today I continued programming the two components that were my main task, while implementing them I also implemented other parts of the diagram I designed as they were needed or when it was simply more efficient because I was touching related code anyway. In the afternoon I had another meeting with David, Mike, Stijn and… Continue reading Day 6

Day 5 – End of week 1

I continued my work from the day before and continued setting up the new project and importing all the assets and code I needed. After completing this phase I started to ease my design onto the existing design. This basically meant that I reduced linkage between components to keep them more flexible and independent, improved… Continue reading Day 5 – End of week 1

Day 4

In the morning I received feedback from David about the design I created the day before. My design was generally good and only needed a few improvements. One of the errors in my design was actually a mistake I had noticed myself but had forgotten to fix; in one place I needed to have a… Continue reading Day 4

Day 3

I continued my work on the Technical Document. I went through the Design Document again and wrote down every single bit of information that was either confusing or that had an impact on the technical design. When I was done I was left with a rough idea of how the game’s structure should be set… Continue reading Day 3