Day 5 – End of week 1

I continued my work from the day before and continued setting up the new project and importing all the assets and code I needed. After completing this phase I started to ease my design onto the existing design. This basically meant that I reduced linkage between components to keep them more flexible and independent, improved code efficiency, removed dead code, made the code adhere to the official coding guidelines and generally just prepared the code to fit into my new design.

Again, the downside was that I deviated from my initial plan of attack, so only at the end of the day I started work on implementing the component that was my main job. In hindsight I should have known that if you make a new design and pick one component to implement, you can hardly expect to just implement that component in a project that doesn’t adhere to the general design in the first place, since your design is new!

At least I did some good work on improving the project and removing some of the inefficiencies and mistakes in the design and implementation. I now have a more solid base to build the new components on, so on monday it’s full speed ahead!

This was also the last day of the first week. Near 5 PM we generally stopped working and said farewell to Harry, who was starting a new job at Fox-IT. After that we started drinking some beers (Grolsch) and there were a few snacks; the infamous Vrijdag Middag Borrel! It was a fun way to say goodbye to everyone and close off the week. Can’t wait until it’s monday again!

By thomhurks

Programming Intern at Vanguard Games, Amsterdam.