Day 35 – End of week 7

Today was a hectic day. We spent the morning profiling the code and examining crash dumps. We had a meeting about a new camera system as well. Afterwards I worked on a few small workflow issues that had come up, but started work afterwards on improving code performance. I removed some sub-optimal code from the… Continue reading Day 35 – End of week 7

Day 34

Today I created a system that sends events from the projectile back to the source weapon’s state machine to execute actions upon projectile explosion. I also improved a frustum check, fixed the auto-build process and fixed GUI input for our target device as that was broken. I also worked on, and will continue tomorrow with,… Continue reading Day 34

Day 33

Today I spent most of my time fixing issues with projectiles  and physics. Some collision issues remain, but those are likely configuration issues instead and not code related. My backlog is building up however, so hopefully I will find these issues soon!

Day 32

Again, I worked on various issues with the camera path, including a rather big bug concerning the time steps. Besides that I worked on weapons systems and some workflow issues with scenes and Perforce.

Day 31

Today I spent my time on various issues. Firstly I helped set up the weapons and damage systems and started on fixing issues and implementing small new features as we encountered the need for them. I also worked on some small bug in the scenes system and provided support for various tasks. Besides that I… Continue reading Day 31

Week 5 and 6

Week 5 and 6 were the first two weeks of the three-week sprint we’re currently in. This sprint’s aim is creating the “First Playable” of the game we’re working on. The first day of the sprint was mostly spent on planning. We first had a Sprint Review where the work of our previous sprint was… Continue reading Week 5 and 6

Week 4

Phew, didn’t post on this blog in a while. I’ve been pretty busy now that we’ve launched into production and combined with my 4 hours of travelling per day I haven’t always felt like writing an entry, which eventually caused me to forget about it all together. However, I’m now going to provide daily writeups!… Continue reading Week 4