Day 2

This day I continued examining the latest build of the project and writing down feedback. I also finished my read of the Game Design Document. I was happy to receive a second display to hook up to my PC and about Windows still wanted me to install another batch of updates. In the afternoon I… Continue reading Day 2

Day 1

First day! As you’d expect, I spent most of my time setting up and exploring. My workplace was already set up, but my PC wasn’t completely ready yet. The image that was used to install it was out-of-date, so I needed to install about 130 updates, a Windows Service Pack, an Office Service Pack, another… Continue reading Day 1


As part of my internship at Vanguard I’m going to write a blog, with a new post each day, as a kind of logbook of what I’m doing here. Writing this blog is compulsory, but I don’t mind because I’ve wanted a blog for a time now; my problem was that I never knew what… Continue reading Introduction