Day 4

In the morning I received feedback from David about the design I created the day before. My design was generally good and only needed a few improvements. One of the errors in my design was actually a mistake I had noticed myself but had forgotten to fix; in one place I needed to have a composition arrow, but I had drawn an inheritance arrow.

After fixing the design I had a general meeting with the project’s Technical Project Manager Stijn, Game Designer Rene, Lead Programer David and Technical Director Mike. In this meeting I delved deeper into the reasoning behind the design and we discussed some of the best ways to implement the game logic.We also discussed my tasks for the coming days, and it was decided that I would start work on one component that had the least chance of conflicting with the work the other company was doing.

After the meeting I took all compiled feedback and created a new version of the design diagram. I asked a few more questions and iterated a couple of times on the layout and after that the design was done!

After completing the design I created a quick plan of attack and wrote up what I would do for the rest of the week and how many hours I planned on spending.

I started work on implementing my component and also spent some time examining yet another new build that we received. Again, some things were broken in the build. I decided to not just “hack in” my component in their project, but to create a new project. I could now layout the project as I liked and reimport all assets and code that I needed from the existing project. As a result I got a new project that was much cleaner, but the downside was that I lost some time as I deviated from my initial plan of attack.


By thomhurks

Programming Intern at Vanguard Games, Amsterdam.