Day 10 – End of week 2

As before, I focused on making various settings and variables easier to change to make Rene’s life easier. After that I started testing the game on mobile devices to see what needed improving. I improved the user interface quite a bit based on feedback from myself and Rene. I also did more profiling to remove all spikes and make the code even more efficient. To do this I moved more code away from update loops into asynchronous functions and used more events. I also rewrote some in-game systems from using a lot of raycasting and distance checks to use a physics system. All this greatly improved performance and framerate, and it also made the codebase a lot more manageable.

At the end of the day I was left with a game that was quite fun and challenging already, to my surprise! I have only worked on it for two weeks, and not even full-time, and already the game is in such a shape that it could almost be called a vertical slice.

Next week I will spend time on transferring my knowledge to other developers, start on the new big exciting project and perhaps squeeze in some time to do some work on this first project. The small company that worked on the game before has done some more work after the feedback they received a week ago, so some changes will likely need to be merged.

By thomhurks

Programming Intern at Vanguard Games, Amsterdam.