Day 7

As planned I did some research into various GUI solutions. It was clear to me that building an in-house system would be too big of a project, so I examined various middleware solutions. I assessed the middleware products based on their feature list, professional support, price, demos and by looking at what people had to say (or complain) about the producs on forums. I also looked at some general forums where people had discussions about the best GUI solutions. After doing this research, I compiled a document with the pros and cons of each solution and explained my personal favorite. I sent the document to Rene, David and Mike and we decided to use the solution I had picked.

My task right now is to do some practical tests with the solution to see if the workflow and performance are good enough and if the solution is stable and has no issues.

Besides that, I also worked on the new project some more, further integrating and expanding the two components that are my responsibility right now.



By thomhurks

Programming Intern at Vanguard Games, Amsterdam.