Day 15 – End of week 3

Today I spent my time researching how to work on a game with a large team with the new engine we’re using, together with Marin. In the end we found a solution to handle scenes in a way we think could work, but we’re having some issues with lightmaps not working. Continuing with this on… Continue reading Day 15 – End of week 3

Day 14

Today I spent most of my time giving two “masterclasses” about the Engine we’re going to use. One masterclass focused on the technical side and lasted for 2 and a half hours, while the second focused on the art workflow side and lasted for an hour. The rest of my time was spent preparing for… Continue reading Day 14

Day 13

Even more time spent on support. Researching possibilities of the engine, creating and improving workflow scripts and improving project layout designs. I set up a basic version of the project in Perforce and did some experiments on working in scenes with multiple people at the same time. Lots of research!

Day 12

Most of this day was spent on preparations and support. Since we’re going to work with a new engine there’s much to be decided about the project layout and the workflow. I created a few scripts to improve workflow based on user feedback. I’m also going to do more research on how to improve the… Continue reading Day 12

Day 11

As I will be working on a big new project with a few new programmers, I spent time today on writing a document containing all kinds of information, tips, tricks and common pittfals about the engine and systems we will be working with. On thursday I will present this document to a group of people… Continue reading Day 11

Day 10 – End of week 2

As before, I focused on making various settings and variables easier to change to make Rene’s life easier. After that I started testing the game on mobile devices to see what needed improving. I improved the user interface quite a bit based on feedback from myself and Rene. I also did more profiling to remove… Continue reading Day 10 – End of week 2

Day 9

Today I did more work on the UI code, more profiling and optimization and tried to really get the game going. Before I start on the new major project I’ll be working on the coming weeks, I want to leave this game in a state where the code is neat, adheres to the diagram I… Continue reading Day 9

Day 8

Today I created a user interface with the GUI middlware I have chosen. I read all tutorials and documentation on the middlware’s website and after that I created a few buttons and a window with some text and a slider. After that I made the GUI resolution independent; a few important feature that needs to… Continue reading Day 8

Day 7

As planned I did some research into various GUI solutions. It was clear to me that building an in-house system would be too big of a project, so I examined various middleware solutions. I assessed the middleware products based on their feature list, professional support, price, demos and by looking at what people had to… Continue reading Day 7