Day 6

Today I continued programming the two components that were my main task, while implementing them I also implemented other parts of the diagram I designed as they were needed or when it was simply more efficient because I was touching related code anyway.

In the afternoon I had another meeting with David, Mike, Stijn and Rene about the project. I went through what I had implemented so far and we discussed my tasks for the coming days. I will round up the work I have done so far on the project, after that I will focus on helping a few programmers to switch to the engine I have been working in. Another project will be created using the same engine, so it’s important plenty of my knowledge is transfered to other members of the team. I’ll also be working on the other project for the coming weeks, and it’s a quite big project so I’m excited! For now I’ll also do some research as to how a GUI can be implemented best, either using an in-house system or middleware.

By thomhurks

Programming Intern at Vanguard Games, Amsterdam.