Day 1

First day!

As you’d expect, I spent most of my time setting up and exploring.

My workplace was already set up, but my PC wasn’t completely ready yet. The image that was used to install it was out-of-date, so I needed to install about 130 updates, a Windows Service Pack, an Office Service Pack, another 40 updates and new versions of all drivers.

After that I installed some more software I needed such as Visual Studio 2010 Professional, Perforce, Notepad++, Firefox and a few other tools I probably forgot.

During all this I was busy reading the Game Design Document of the project I’m going to work on and examining the latest build of the project itself. Part of the project has been outsourced to another company in The Netherlands, so I needed to familiarise myself with their sourcecode and structure. While doing this I compiled a two-page document with feedback on the project, including various remarks about game logic, performance and code cleanliness.

After this I got a tour around the office, learning many new names and shaking many hands. It will probably be a while before I have memorised them all and have properly learned who everyone actually is, but so far it’s been okay. There are a few English-speakers around the company and even two Belgian interns, but most of them are Dutch. The number of people from Brabant, and specifically Eindhoven, is quite high I’ve been told; but that makes sense since we’re the smartest region in the world, right? 😉

I probably did some other stuff that day, but I don’t remember anymore. I guess that’s what you get for starting your blog a week after the fact.

To be continued!

By thomhurks

Programming Intern at Vanguard Games, Amsterdam.